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committed to quality

Committed to a quality assurance process for over 10 years, the CCPA Group is GMP, QS and OQUALIM certified (in compliance with the guide of good practices for the manufacture of additives premixes) and has calculated the carbon footprint of its activities. What’s more, the COFRAC-accredited DELTAVIT Laboratory uses a rigorous monitoring plan for its raw materials and finished products.

Thanks to this experience, CCPA carries out audits for its clients and provides them with advice on ISO quality procedures. It also intervenes in specific cases, particularly as relating to regulatory developments in the industry.

The environment, a priority for CCPA Group

The environment is a main research subject for CCPA Group.
The Research & Development department anticipates the future with complementary working programs, adapted to each production specifications.

CCPA Group’s solutions aim:
the reduction of the environmental feed impact,
the reduction of methan gas emissions for ruminants,
the improvement of feed efficiency and the reduction of releases
the use of vegetal extracts in animal products…


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